Coach and Consultant

As your coach and consultant . . .

I take a done-with-you approach to creating your management tools you need to take your business to the next level.  I combine my 25 plus years of professional experience as an economist and my 7 years of experience as a women-centred coach to bring you a fresh take on two of the most important business management tools:

  • Your Vision
  • Your Financials

Your Leadership

I hold the space for your genius to come forward, and together we weave it into the products and structures to support your thriving.  

The question many smart, conscious businesswomen have is: What exactly is my next level? 

Through Your Strength-Based Business Plan process, your unique answer to this question is revealed. Creating from an inside-out serves women business owners uniquely to gain authentic confidence with their next steps. 

In 5 fun and easy steps, I am with you to capture all the elements of a business plan infused with your wisdom. Your Strength-Based Business Plan is the management tool you can return to frequently to realign when you start to feel overwhelmed and need to return to your first principles.

It is both long-term and evergreen as learning from actions taken in the next three months informs the journey to arrive at the long-term vision. 

Another question some businesswomen have is: How can I be serious about my business when my finances are in a state of chaos? For those women business owners who want to have a more empowered relationship with the ebb and flow of money through their business,  I offer a  7-month group coaching program: Rewire and Restore The Soul of Your Business – Understanding the Ebb and Flow of Your Financials

In the program, you will identify the tools and structures you need to be at ease and pleasure with your business’s finances, and then help you implement them. By doing this work, you will deeply know the value of your gifts and your business. 

And the best part is you will experience the spark of potential and possibility with your business with such great pleasure and ease that you organically create space and time in your busy schedule to know your business by the numbers.  

This method has been proven to work even if you are afraid of the daunting task, or fear the overwhelm when you are already very busy,  and others tell you to let the “professionals” do it. It is time for women to take back control of their finances to be organized and confident. You can stand in a room of other business professionals and know you have a solid business. 

Over the 7 months, you will join a group of highly committed business owners who are mastering the tools to be proficient with their business cash flows, budgeting, cost of goods sold, pricing, etc.

Leadership – Special Topics Business Topic Coaching – New Possibilities

For some businesswomen, seeing your role as a Business Leader is often a role we may not feel well equipped for. Sometimes as business owners, we have patterns that keep repeating that really do not serve us or others. We know we repeat them, but we don’t know what they are and how to overcome them. 

 For example, you may have a supplier that you keep making allowances for that you don’t offer your other suppliers. There may be a myriad of reasons for why you allow them to operate at a standard that is less than others, such as superior quality input products, or you are sympathetic about their circumstances. Having conversations with them to achieve a different outcome is difficult. Sometimes we do not even know where to start or what that conversation might look like. 

Our work together supports you to know exactly the pathway to take to create new possibilities. 

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