Business Manager

As your business manager . . .

I help you develop resources to implement your business vision. I am with you on your journey as your business manager for a short period of time, while you take your next steps. I can support you by researching and troubleshooting challenges that arise. 

There are three areas many women business owners need support with that I am uniquely able to do. The first is to support you in gaining access to capital to offset costs through accessing grants. Grants often require reporting and submitting claims. Organizing and maintaining proper documents related to the use of the funds is often a heavy burden that a busy business owner needs help with.  

The most successful companies are deliberate about creating a business culture that enables employees to emotionally align with the vision of the business. Not only do they get the job done, but it is done better than expected. 

My personal journey as a manager of professional teams led me to expand my capacities and find ways to bring out the best in each employee. My journey took me to work with organizations like Farm Credit Canada which went from being the lender of last resort to the preferred lender for Canadian farmers. Their success is in large part due to their leadership being deliberate about creating a business culture.  

Finally, my training as a women-centred coach brought forward even greater levels of distinctions, which I bring to bear with the businesswomen I support. As your business manager, I can support you to create the culture that is right for your business and help you roll it out through your teams. 

Another area that business owners need, particularly as they consider expansion and further investments, is a comprehensive analysis of their market. My formative years of professional experience as a market analyst of Canadian commodities position me to be uniquely suited to support business owners. 

This process includes data collection, organization and multi-factor analysis to provide you input about current and future trends unique to your marketplace.     

As your Mentor, I am with you on your management journey, playing a role on your Advisory Team, Board of Directors or in one-on-one monthly sessions as you implement your business vision.

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