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Beyond the Story Coaching and Consulting is all about setting owners up for success with an easy and fun way to develop your Strength-based Business Plan and an engaging way to implement your business vision. I offer done-with-you coaching, workshops and management consulting to transition you and your business to your next level of impact and abundance.

I realized in 1970 when I entered high school, that there were things I just wasn’t going to let pass. There was a dress code for the girls in our school of 1500 students, but nothing substantially required for the boys. My first petition was circulated and with more than enough supporting signatures, I along with a girlfriend presented it to the Principal. The dress code was changed. I started down my path of standing for changes in our culture.

Cynthia OwenI offer foundational Feminine Power Workshops and coaching packages so you can embody the everyday practices to keep you in your power and out of reaction, and to anchor into your intuition. I have developed a done-with-you Strengths-Based Business Plan process to help you capture the bigness of your vision in an easy way and enable you to make better decisions quicker so you can live your life more abundantly. It is bankable and aligns your heart and soul.

Feedback & Reviews

Cynthia held an optimistic, non-judgmental space for me, allowing me to process anything I needed to.  She is a skillful coach who facilitates you to receive profound outcomes and insights in a loving way.

Anita Kang

“I have attended several workshops led by Cynthia and I am so grateful for the safe, supportive space that she creates. It is in this space that I feel I can show up as my most vulnerable and open self while feeling protected and loved. Cynthia shows up with deep empathy and respect, which provides a beautiful container for your own transformation. I highly recommend working with Cynthia.”

Sarah Clement

Cynthia Strength-Based Business Plan offers an approach that brings the vision to life in small steps that are clear and concise.  It brings forth the hidden talents and the personal strengths of the individual.  These subtle approaches allow the vision to unfold in a way that feels right and aligns with heart, mind, and soul.

K. Kendall

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