Fempreneurs think beyond traditional business models. They place relationships ahead of their businesses and have an abundance orientation.

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What Is Women-Centred Coaching?

I was personally trained by Dr. Claire Zammit, creator of Feminine Power and founder of the Institute for Woman-Centered Coaching and Evolving Wisdom, earning a certification as a Woman-Centered Coach, Facilitator, and Mentor. This means I’m part of a global movement of women committed to showing up authentically and connected to a bigger vision of themselves and life. With this certification under my belt, I launched my business.

My Story

In many ways, my personal and professional journeys prepared me to become a women-centred coach.

Cynthia Owen

I’m the first daughter in a family of five with three older brothers and a younger sister. I grew up on a working farm in Ontario, and the common ideology was that the boys should take over the farm and become the owners.

Despite being an active participant in the daily work on the farm while growing up, my sister and I didn’t factor into this ideology. That’s the story my parents grew up with themselves and what they knew, particularly my father.

My mother was smart, witty, beautiful and hard-working, yet she was not fully free to become her best self. She was held back by cultural entrapments and a type of cultural co-dependency like many women of that generation.

I define cultural co-dependency as making decisions so as not to generate any gossip or potential for negative commentary. People must stay within the cultural norms—even if it means using guilt or shame to force someone else’s hand—because that is how you stay safe.

Despite talk of “equality”, from a young age, I understood life was out of balance between me and my male siblings.

Not surprisingly, I followed a traditional path: I got a degree, got a job, paid my way, and paid my own bills. I earned advanced degrees in Economics and Agricultural Sciences then went on to co-own two successful businesses – one in retail marketing for large regional shopping centres, and another in the financial services industry.

I retired from a position at Environment and Climate Change Canada in 2018. But I never thought about retirement from the traditional workforce as being the end of my working life.

When I came upon the women-centred coaching model, it spoke to my need for fuller self-expression—something my mother never got to experience. This work helped me to uncover the old story that had kept me from owning my worth. Once I understood how this identity had underwritten my orientation, regardless of evidence to the contrary, I was able to understand a greater story about who I am.

I consider myself an “empowerer” of women. I use women-centred coaching practices and principles, as well as my experience as an economist in business and financial services.

Feedback & Reviews

Cynthia held an optimistic, non-judgmental space for me, allowing me to process anything I needed to.  She is a skillful coach who facilitates you to receive profound outcomes and insights in a loving way.

Anita Kang

“I have attended several workshops led by Cynthia and I am so grateful for the safe, supportive space that she creates. It is in this space that I feel I can show up as my most vulnerable and open self while feeling protected and loved. Cynthia shows up with deep empathy and respect, which provides a beautiful container for your own transformation. I highly recommend working with Cynthia.”

Sarah Clement

Cynthia Strength-Based Business Plan offers an approach that brings the vision to life in small steps that are clear and concise.  It brings forth the hidden talents and the personal strengths of the individual.  These subtle approaches allow the vision to unfold in a way that feels right and aligns with heart, mind, and soul.

K. Kendall

How Beyond the Story Coaching Was Born

I believe the world’s many challenges—from conflicts to climate change—stem from an outdated mindset of scarcity and the economic principle of resource allocation.

This in turn is due to a long-held belief by many in the Western world that there is not enough for everyone and a lack of awareness about what is enough. When I explored Indigenous wisdom, this perspective was further reinforced.

Indigenous understanding emphasizes the importance of taking only what we need and leaving something behind for others.

I know we can do a better job of meeting both consumer and environmental needs—indeed we must. That starts with us raising our level of care in all we do so that the scarcity business models of today are transformed into the abundance business models of tomorrow.

As the conscious consumer movement becomes mainstream, business models will have to evolve to meet the new demand criteria. As a Women-Centered Coach and Mentor, my mission is to empower my clients to navigate the chaos of our world, discover their true path, and enhance their bottom line.

I see this work as a launchpad for fearless women leaders who will not only transform their own lives and businesses but also contribute to the betterment of the world we all share.

Beyond the Story Coaching was born from these beliefs and experiences, combined with my vision to create a more connected, abundant, and sustainable future for all.

Interested in learning how I can help you?

I live in the rainforest of BC and love to indulge in Pu-Er tea. When not cozying up to a cuppa, I can be found jumping into the frigid Pacific Ocean—something I do every morning. I view this as a metaphor for showing up authentically and overcoming the fear of diving into the deep end—whether that’s in business or in life.

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