women-centred coach

I support women who are leading the way . . .

With business models based on valuing connection, sustainability and abundance.

Do you feel like you never have enough time, never have enough left over at the end of the month, and can’t seem to get traction?

Do you ever find yourself wondering if there’s something amiss with you or your business because you can’t seem to carve out more time, make more money, or make significant progress? You are not alone. Many smart, conscious women business owners find themselves in this old story. In part, it’s the result of the prevailing hyper-masculine culture which has not recognized, valued, or trusted feminine strengths.

What I Do

I meet you where you are at so you recognize your external resources available to you now, and your internal resources you may not have realized you have and will always be able to rely on.

Together, we seize your untapped potential hidden within the chaos, guiding your business to even greater levels success.

There is always opportunity in chaos.

Women-Centred Coach

Break through inner glass ceilings.

Play your best game ever.

Kind words . . .

After some empowering ‘visioning’ workshops with Cynthia, I signed up for a series of coaching sessions with her.  They were delivered seamlessly and progressively, helping me arrive at what moves me the most and a meeting of my future self.

Each coaching session I received from Cynthia was profound.  It allowed me to access a deeper place of hope and healing within myself while meeting and reassuring younger wounded parts of me.

Ultimately, Cynthia is committed to you realizing your best self and is incredibly skilled at getting you there.  She is very wise and insightful and holds a safe container while bringing lightness and humour to the process.

Anita Kang

My Story

I started this coaching business because I believe the current culture does not support women to realize their full potential. For me, it is time we went collectively Beyond the Story of who others say we are and what we can do.

After the better part of 20 years as a professional economist and several years with young children and being self-employed, I felt it was time for me to go in a new direction. Several years after starting out in my own coaching business, I wondered how to meld my life’s experience with my newfound passion and knowledge about how to uniquely support smart, conscious women. As a Coach, Facilitator and Mentor, mother, sister, and economist, what was mine to do?

Today, the culture that no longer serves us is our business culture of scarcity. Things are not more important than people. In my business, I am taking a stand along with many other authors, thought-leaders and indigenous cultures to transition to a new way of being.

Cynthia Owen
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